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Rice Transplanter & Sprayer machine wheels and tires

Transplanter machine wheels and tires 


Our Rubber wheels are widly used on the Kubota transplanters and Spraying machines .

Our Transplanter Tires with Rims Sizes Available as follows:

450MM*60MM, 530MM*80MM, 600MM*30MM, 600MM*90MM, 650MM*80MM, 660MM*90MM, 700MM*80MM,

820MM*80MM, 900MM*80MM, 900MM*130MM, 950MM*110MM, 970MM*80MM, 970MM*100MM, 1000MM*80MM,

1000MM*120MM1100MM*80MM, 1200MM*100MM, 1226MM*80MM, 1300MM*100MM, 1334MM*130MM
1400MM*80MM, 1500MM*160MM, 1600MM*80MM, 1800MM*86MM, 1800MM*100MM,1900MM*180MM, 2

100MM*100MM ETC.


We are also can design and produce according to your requirement !!!